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My First Death - **** - Ember Resuine - A memory of a realistic game. Before the content patch, player-killing just wasn't a thing. And dying in-game didn't hurt. Both of those things have changed. You meet another player outside of a dungeon, and they attack you. You lose. It hurts. And you die.

Royal Seal - *** - Auau Ponomumu - A seal for marking documents. It only works for one acknowledged as King; the spirit inside will reject anyone else and refuse to touch paper, wax, or other seal materials.

Invite - *** - Overlord Zetta - The user may summon minions, allies, vehicles, or real estate they own to a location they are at, by dropping them on said location from an inexplicable height. This somehow does no damage to whatever they summon.
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Name: Gray
Plurk: [ profile] graygriffin
Age: 23
Current Roster: N/A


Name: Nira Tyr
Canon: Original
Canon Point: After moving in with her boyfriend and girlfriend

Canon reference: N/A

Details: Nira's been sickly ever since she was a child, constantly in and out of the hospital. Despite this, she has a strong athletic desire, although she rarely got to express it and it usually ended up with her getting sent to the hospital even more. She took up hiking in her spare time, and also started learning more about mineralogy during the times she was confined to bed. She pretty much had no friends until she met Ryota, a boy around her age, during one of her hospital visits.

It was her friendship with him and Celestia, a girl who snuck into their room, that really started getting her to open up. Celestia was quite a popular girl in school, who had a secret playful side that Nira and Ryota were the first to learn about. Through her, Nira was able to make a few new friends in other clubs, and started learning to joke around a bit more. She also ended up joining the fencing club, since the instructor saw promise in her, and would eventually win a championship.

Her friendship with Ryota and Celestia would still be her closest relationship over the years, and it would eventually develop into romantic feelings. She discussed those with Celestia first, before both of them approached Ryota about it. While there were a few hiccups along the road, for the most part they stuck together. They were the ones Nira felt most comfortable being vulnerable around, and all three of them would often put up with things they weren't really interested in for each others' sake.

Nira has a low tolerance for cruelty and bullies, especially if directed at her or the ones she loves. While violence isn't her first resort anymore, she can be spurred to it easily. She also has a strong competitive side that can easily be triggered by any kind of competition, although she prefers physical ones. Still, she's a fairly open person, and wears her heart on her sleeve most of the time. She rarely gets sad, her main moods being excitement, irritation, and anger. She also has a strong soft spot for underdogs or weaklings, since they remind her of her younger self.

When she decides she likes someone, she shows it by becoming more willing to share details about her past with them, or by infodumping a lot about mineralogy. She also treasures any gifts she receives from others, unless it's from someone she doesn't like, in which case she'll likely dispose of it in front of them. She doesn't see any use in pretending to be on good terms with someone she doesn't like, although if they have some authority over her she'll give them the bare minimum of respect required.

Memory Loss Level: Partial
Allow Painful Memories? Yes

Hospital Meeting - Ryota (Memory)
Nira, age 11, is brought to the hospital again after nearly fainting. She meets a boy named Ryota there, who was in a shipwreck that killed his dad. They strike up a conversation and she contributes to his scrapbook.

Hospital Meeting - Celestia (Memory)
A girl named Celestia, who's around 2-3 years older than Ryota and Nira, sneaks into their room. Nira nearly hits her with a bedpan, but it turns out her sister is here and she's looking for her.

Same school...SAME SCHOOL! (Memory)
After getting out of the hospital, Nira and Celestia learn that Ryota will be moving in with a distant relative who happens to live nearby, and all three of them end up going to the same school. All three of them are really happy about this.

Fencing Lessons (Memory)
Nira sneaks into the fencing club room to test out one of the rapiers, and ends up bumping into the instructor there. Despite his initial gruff tone, he does end up offering to actually train her.

Banned From Student Council Meetings (Memory)
Nira and Ryota, one of her guy friends, get thrown out of a student council debate being attended by another of their friends, Celestia. Apparently they cheered a little too loud for one of her statements.

Dating Now (Memory)
After reading Ryota's scrapbook and talking with Celestia, the two girls end up asking him to date them. After a bit more discussion, all three of them are now dating each other. At this time, Ryota and Nira are 14 and Celestia is 16.

Prom (Memory)
Nira, Ryota, and Celestia attend prom together, although not as official dates. Nira knocks out some people who make fun of them.

Graduation - High School (Memory)
Nira and Ryota graduate high school together, Celestia and her sister Luna attending. The three of them have promised to meet up regularly.

Graduation - College (Memory)
Nira and Ryota graduate from college. The two of them and Celestia have been going steady ever since their graduation from high school, and the three of them are now looking into finding a place to live together.

Fencing Skills (Ability)
They're more focused towards fencing competitions than an actual fight, but they're still pretty good skills.

Mineralogy Knowledge (Memory)
Knowledge about the composition of various forms of stones and gems, as well as gem-cutting and the geography of mountains.

Dancing Ability (Ability)
The ability to perform various dances to an acceptable extent. For some reason, most of them feel like they should be done with two other people.

Hospital Points Reward Card (Item)
A Subway points reward card that has had the word "Subway" whited out and "Hospital" written in big block letters. Nine squares out of ten are checked. There is some double-sided tape on the back, with bits of paper stuck to it.

Lucky Stone (Item)
A raw gemstone. It's unclear exactly what type it is.

1/3 Heart Pendant (Item)
A pendant shaped like 1/3rd of a heart. It seems to be the bottom pointy bit, and has jagged edges that could click with other parts.

Fencing Saber (Item)
A secondhand fencing saber. Its grip seems to have been modified to make it easier to hold on to.

Fencing Championship Trophy (Item)
A trophy congratulating "Nira Tyr" for winning a fencing competition.

Prom Dress (Item)
A dark brown prom dress with several colored gems added as decoration. It seems to give the impression of mountain peaks somehow.

Fencing Uniform (Item)
A pretty generic-looking fencing uniform. The name "Nira Tyr" is stitched on it.

Walking Stick (Item)
A very worn-looking wooden walking stick. The ends look like they've recently been capped with metal.

RP Sample: Here and here


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